Media houses have rejected our reps to panel discussion-Hassan Ayariga

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By Patrick Biddah

The Founder and Leader of the All Peoples ‘ Congress) APC) , Dr Hassan Ayariga, has partly blamed the current economic woes of the country on the media.

He said,  despite efforts to offer  many solutions towards economic liberation, the media has not given  him and his party the needed platform to articulate the said solutions.

According to him, the media has been so unfair to the extent that letters written to stations to be part of panel discussions, have been rejected.

 A follow-up on the letters, he revealed was linked to producers of those shows and programmes, who said they are only dealing with the NPP and the NDC.

“ You media people are part of the problem because when Hassan Ayariga started talking about  how to solve the problems of this county you did  not give us a listening ear and this  has brought us to this mess  “, he noted .

Speaking at a press conference yesterday November 28, 2023 at his office at Haatso  in Accra ,Dr Ayariga, said  Ghanaians have allowed both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress( NDC ) to deceive them into believing that they can solve the nation’s problem when they cannot .

For example, the ongoing discussion on the 24-hr economy, he said is his brainchild which was captured in his 2020 manifesto

This, he claimed  is the reason the NDC isunable to explain the policy better to the understanding of Ghanaians and the more reason the NPP does not even understand it and is liking it to having sex with their wives.

“The Upper East regional Minister did not understand what he was talking about. Just like his boss Dr Bawumia.”, he retorted

“In my policy , the women will not even be  at home at night for you to be having sex with them because they will be at work and that is how my policy was designed “, he added .

“ It is a three shift system  for companies , some starts from 6am to 2pm and the second shift works fro 2pm to 10pm and the last shift works from 10pm to 6am”, he pointed out .

Dr Ayariga, who spoke on a wide range of issues also condemned the taxes being collected by government on betting.

By so doing, he accused the government of promoting gambling which he said is detrimental to the future of the youth.

He questioned if any Ghanaian leader will like their child to be engaged in betting, adding that with such leaders encouraging this activity the country is in ‘shit’.

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