Kusaug area Assembly Members to boycott Government Activities (Video)

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Assembly members for Bawku west district in the upper east region to boycott government-related activities in protecting against what they termed the government’s lackadaisical attitude towards the Bawku Chieftaincy conflict and the perceived endorsement of the enskinment of a rival chief for the Kusaug traditional area.

According to the assembly members, all districts within the kusaug traditional area will boycott all activities relating to the government.

The Assembly members have given the government 72hrs to come clear on the issues relating to the the Bawku chieftaincy crisis or face their wrath.

The 49 both elected and appointed assembly members made this known at an emergency meeting at the forecourt of the Bawku west district assembly.

They further blamed the 6 Municipal and District chief executives within the Kusaug area for being silent over the matter.

the Assembly member for the Zebilla central, and constituency chairman for the opposition NDC, Atiah Kudugu, called want the Defence Minister to come and explain to the public what he meant by something Big is going to come from Manprugu.

The group insisted that he government has not clear in issues relating to the Bawku chieftaincy conflict hence they must take action to force the government to act.

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