Kuroboi Health Care Challenges (Video)

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A primary school block converted into a community-based health planning and services, CHPS, compound at Kroboi in the Sissala east municipality of the upper west region has been without a nurse for over two months.

The only nurse posted to the facility was re-assigned, leaving the residents without any choice.

Until 2015, the people of Kuroboi, a farming community in the Sissala east municipality of the upper west region had no access to healthcare.

The residents in an effort to reduce the impact of the situation on their healthcare needs especially for women and children, converted an old primary school block into a chps compound.

The community has then benefited from a new classroom block constructed by the government.

A nurse was posted to the facility with the support of the Kuroboi development union.

The union also provided the nurse with a new motorbike to facilitate his movement especially for outreach programmes.

However, without any explanation, the nurse in charge of the Kuroboi CHPS compound was transferred without a replacement.

Residents were compelled to resort to self-medication since traveling long distances for health services has become a disincentive.

But the Sissala east municipal chief executive, Fuseini Yakubu Batong, claimed he was not aware of the Kuroboi self-initiated CHPS compound.

Meanwhile, the chief of Kuroboi, Kuoro Wouda Seme, addressing a durbar at the seventh homecoming summit of the people of Kuroboi, bemoaned the decline in girl-child education due to child marriages.

By Peter Quao Adattor

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