I have videos and photos of his training man threatening to expose National Security over a land-guard who killed a soldier

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Security analyst Emmanuel Kotin refuted claims by the National Security Ministry that the main suspect detained for the fatal shooting of a soldier in Millennium City, Kasoa, is not affiliated with the Ministry.

The Ministry’s statement came after social media reports identified the suspect, Benlord Ababio, as their staff.

The incident, which took place on April 30, 2024, involved Lance Corporal Michael Danso, who was allegedly shot over a land dispute and later died from his injuries.

Police have begun investigations and arrested Ababio, who is suspected to be a landguard.

However, during a live discussion on UTV on May 4, 2024, Kotin pointed to the incident and questioned the lack of action from the police and political figures.

He suggested that the assailant might be receiving protection.

“The man who shot the soldier, do your checks at the police HQ and see how many cases they have had against that guy. He is untouchable.

“So if the security and the political class are not behind that small boy, how was he bold enough to go to a police station armed and no one said anything? At the end of the day, he killed someone.

Kotin further claimed that he had evidence that the suspect was indeed a National Security Personnel and that he had evidence on his phone.

“The National Security is coming out to say that the man is not one of their personnel. To me, that statement is belated. I have pictures and videos on my phone of how he was trained, I wish I could show them on TV for the world to see,” he said.

Emmanuel Kotin who was once the NPP parliamentary aspirant in Saboba in the Northern Region, came into controversy in 2020 when some of his supporters protested his disqualification by burning tyres and vandalizing the party’s constituency office.

With the elections only six months away, Kotin criticized the continued existence of land guards and the misconception that political vigilantes are no longer a concern.

He observed that politicians are still accompanied by intimidating figures at public events, raising questions about their training and purpose.

“We are barely six months to the elections, land guards still exist and we are not talking about it. People still think political vigilantes are a thing of the past but if you see politicians at public events, you see macho men following them. Who are they? Where were they trained?

“We must look at our land tenure systems and administration, we must look at how we can enforce our laws rigidly.

“The laws on land guards are good, but they are not being enforced. If you look deeper at these land guards, the political class is behind them,” he claimed.

source: Ghanaweb

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