Give Dr. Agordzo a five-year contract appointment as a form of reparation-Martin Kpebu tells Akufo-Addo

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After the High Court acquitted Assistant Commissioner of Police (Rtd) Dr. Benjamin Agordzo and two others of treason charges, Martin Kpebu, the legal representative for Dr. Agordzo, is urging the Ghana Police Service to grant his client a five-year contract appointment as a form of reparation.

Mr. Kpebu emphasized the need for this contractual arrangement to help Dr. Agordzo regain his lost dignity and continue contributing positively to the nation.

“He retired sometime in November last year. So, he may not be able to go and continue in the Police Service, except they give him a contract. And I think in terms of reparation, that’s what President Akufo-Addo should do. Having destroyed the man and his family like this, the least he can do is to say, IGP Dampare, please look in there and give Agordzo a contract, let him come and continue the work he was doing. He was Director of Transformation. Let him come back and contribute for the next five years.

“It will not solve all the problems, the destruction. It will not make him regain everything he’s lost, but at least, it will rehabilitate him a bit, because they’ve destroyed him on frivolous evidence,” Mr Kpebu explained on the January 24 edition of Ghana Tonight on TV3.

While acknowledging that such a contract won’t completely rectify the damages, Mr. Kpebu believes it would offer a degree of rehabilitation for Dr. Agordzo, who retired in November last year.

Additionally, Mr. Kpebu revealed their plans to pursue a case of malicious prosecution against the government.

“We are building a case, malicious prosecution. When we say malicious prosecution, it is a case where somebody takes you through the criminal justice system, through trial etc, without justifiable reason.”

He accused the state of prosecuting Dr. Agordzo for political gains, highlighting the alleged abuse of the criminal justice system to suppress dissenting voices.

The High Court’s verdict on January 24 acquitted Dr. Agordzo, Colonel Samuel Kodzo Gameli, and Corporal Seidu Abubakar of treason charges, while sentencing six others, including three soldiers, to death by hanging for conspiracy to commit treason and treason-related offenses.


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