Fear, Anxiety grips Ghana’s border with Burkina Faso as Troops Neutralized Terrorist Camp near Paga

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There is high anxiety and fear among the border towns around Paga enclave in Ghana following the reported attack on a terrorist camp near Pô, a major commercial town of Burkina Faso closest to Ghana.

According to Agence d’information du Burkina, the military in the nation destroyed a terrorist facility near Pô on Monday night.

Nearly 20.6 kilometers separates Pô in the Nahouri province of Burkina Faso from Ghana’s border at Paga.

The location is also an important commercial hub for Ghanaian residents in that region of the country and the largest town in Burkina Faso that is closest to Ghana.

According to the source, the Burkinabe troops neutralize many of the terrorists and confiscated their weapons and other supplies.

Ghanaians, especially those who live near the Ghana-Burkina Faso border in the Paga enclave, were shaken by news of the dissolution of the terrorist camp and potential effects on them.

The possibility of reprisal attacks and a Burkinabe immigration into Ghana were two fears that surfaced as a result of the incident.

There is concern over the potential influx of terrorists who may choose Ghana as a safe haven and a place to regroup.

Indeed, the page enclave’s border dwellers are worried about how well-prepared Ghana is to react with terrorist activity.

Similar worries were voiced last week by the national catholic bishops’ conference, which urged the state security apparatus to take aggressive measures to thoroughly vet those entering the country from Burkina Faso under the pretense of being asylum seekers.

According to information accessible to paqmediagh, people in Pô and its surroundings have a lot in common with those in Ghana.

The information provided that the bulk of the population trek daily to Ghana where they attend school because they prefer it to Burkina Faso system of education.

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