Dam spillage: This is humanitarian crisis, keep politics out – Benjamin Quashie counsels

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Feeling emotional, after touring some communities submerged as a result of the Akosombo Dam spillage, Mr. Benjamin Kofi Quashie, Founder of BKQ Foundation, has made a passionate appeal to all to avoid drawing politics into what he termed a “catastrophic” situation.

“This is devastating, I wouldn’t wish this for my worst enemy. It is a catastrophe beyond imagination, all I can say is that as Ghanaians we should show our support to our brothers and sisters in this part of the country,” he told journalists.

BKQ Foundation, an Accra-based NGO noted for its philanthropic projects, donated assorted items including food stuff and cash to residents in three constituencies in the Volta Region affected by the Akosombo Dam spillage.

The beneficiary constituencies are North Tongu, South Tongu, and Ketu North.

Benjamin Quashie led his team of volunteers to the affected areas to commiserate with them and to get a firsthand appreciation of the challenges they are confronted with.

“People in this area need all the solace, all the comfort that we can offer them. I think we should keep politics out of this because this is a humanitarian crisis that needs all hands on deck.

“It means, all politicians, all civil society organisations, everybody that call him or herself a Ghanaian should come on board so that we would be able to help our people out of these challenges,” he stressed.

“This is unfortunate and catastrophic” he reiterated, adding, “whatever we can do to alleviate their challenges, I urge all NGOs, the Christian Council, all benevolent organizations. This is the time we need to show support to our people because what is happening here is not something that you can even wish on your worst enemy.”

Aside the cash donation, the items the Foundation presented are bags of rice, gari, sugar, milo, milk, water, toiletries and blankets among others

Considering the enormous nature of relief items needed by the victims, he pledged that the BKQ Foundation “will do more” by returning to provide support that would alleviate their plight.

The Akosombo Dam started spilling excess water about two weeks ago, and official report suggests that over 26,000 people have been misplaced by the flood as many fear the health implications of the situation as properties including houses, schools, mortuary as well as cemeteries have been submerged in water.

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