Court Denies Aisha Huang and Three Others Bail

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On September 14, 2022, Aisha Huang and three other Chinese nationals – Jong Li Hua, Huang Jei, and Huaid Hai Hun – appeared in court.

Huang was apprehended as part of a National Security operation after allegedly sneaking back into the country to resume illegal mining activity, according to the prosecution.

Defense team.

Lawyer for the accused persons, Captain Retired Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey made a case for the to be admitted to bail. They have surity to stand bail for them. Lawyer Effah says that the Media has hyped case far beyond proportion as the charges are two small charges that is:

  1. Mining without license.
  2. Engaging in dealing of minerals.

With regard to the issue of her deportation in 2018, the defense counsel said she was on bail and ready to open defense prior to nolle prosequire. She was flown out of Ghana. Laws did not dictate or indicate that she was declared persona nongrata.


The Attorney General argued that all those rights and freedoms as laid in chapter 5 are subject to article 12 (2).

He makes the case on public interest that she be remanded for thorough investigations. This must be done without hindrance of whatever sort. Granting the accused persons bail especially the gentleman, where investigation is still ongoing will jeoroadize police investigation.

The court, in consideration of whether to grant bail or not is minded of section 96,5 of the criminal procedure.

She has a history of deceiving persons and leaving the country.

Accused, Aisha must tell the court how she entered the country.

AG further states that if they are granted bail, they are highly likely to interfere with witnesses.

The accused persons are charged with criminal offences.

He appealed to the court that the accused persons be remanded into police custody for unimpeded investigations.

According to the AG, A plea in custody is not a denial of their rights.

He cites the number of lawyers the accused have been able to Marshall

The doors of the police are open 24/7

There are procedures to go through before visiting a client

Political executives have no control over the judiciary hence the judge must do the needful.

Maintains the charges are simple. And questions why they haven’t been able to prove that in two weeks.

Concludes by saying they trust in the judgement of the court.

Questions right of prosecutor to respond to him in the court as he is there as a prosecutor.

Further Drama as One of Accused Persons Collapses in The Courtroom

The proceedings were halted when one of the accused, Johng Li Hua, who was charged alongside Aisha, collapsed during the hearing. She was escorted from the courtroom for medical treatment.

It was not immediately clear what caused Jong Li Hua to collapse in the courtroom, but there are suspicions that it was exhaustion due to the small size of the courtroom.

The court at the end of the proceedings declined the plea for bail made by the defense on behalf of the accused persons.  

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