Bawku Conflict 2022: Temporary Lifting of Ban on Smock wearing

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REGSEC amidst Bawku Conflict

At its meeting held on Monday October 31, 2022, REGSEC deliberated on the impending festival celebrations by the two factions of the Bawku conflict, and decided on the following:

That the wearing of smocks be lifted only on the day of celebrations.

In the case of the Mamprusis, only the Damba day scheduled for Saturday November 5, 2022.

In the case of the Samanpiid being celebrated by the Chiefs and People of the Kusaug Traditional Area only the Samanpiid day will they be allowed to wear the smocks.

Regional Security Council

REGSEC took into account the significance of smock in the significant of these festivals, hence the partial freedom on the day of the two events.

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The two feuding factions are being cautioned to be of good beheviour and are being entreated to abide by the law and celebrate the festival devoid of rancour end acrimony.

Public notice from REGSEC
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